Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 10th January 2017 Episode 226


Watch Online Today Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 10th January 2017 Episode 226 a popular eTV Show by Sony TV. Complete episode of Sony TV drama serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update full epi online.

Dev gets stressed seeing Ishwari mumbling herself. Bejoi keeps going up against Ishwari that she knows reality now, she overlooked her ethical values subsequent to getting to be distinctly rich and overlooked her days of yore. Dev yells to quiets down and turns. His hand falls on Bejoy’s cheek and Bejoy gets a slap. Bejoy hollers that is the thing that he required. Dev says it is an oversight and apologizes. Bejoy furiously exits and cautions Dev to never call him baba or go to his home. Dev tells Sona she saw it was an oversight. Sona says she doesn’t have a clue, she will be with her baba until further notice and leaves with Bejoy and Asha.

Dev returns. Ishwari asks where is Sona. He approaches she ran with her folks for at some point and will return soon. GKB mentally conditions Ishwari that Sona did not think about family and went

with guardians. Ishwari says when dear ones couldn’t care less about her, why will others give it a second thought. Her child thinks about his better half and family more than his mom and family. Dev says it dislike that. Ishwari says she has chosen that Dev and Sona will move to another house. GKB is stunned that her arrangement has exploded backward.

Bejoy returns home seething, calls Sourav and yells due to him Dev slapped him. Sourav says he can’t accept. Sona requests that he quiet down, they will give back Dev’s cash. Bejoy says it is 5 crores. Sona says 5 or 50 crores, it is not greater than their family’s dignity.

Dev solicits how might she think from isolating him from her, his character is a result of her. Ishwari says even winged animals experience their home when they grow up. Dev says he will never considering isolating from her. GKB anxiously hears their discussion.

Asha asks by what means will they orchestrate 5 crores. Sona says they will offer this house. Asha asks what. Sona says she knows they made this house with such a variety of dreams and diligent work, yet family’s confidence is more vital. Bejoy says she can do whatever she needs, he puts stock in her.

Dev in his room thinks Sona was correct, once they returned home, issues began. He calls Sona and asks how are baba and maa, don’t stress, they both will deal with circumstance, on the off chance that he ought to come there. Sona says she can’t converse with him now and detaches call. He calls more than once and she disengages call. In the morning, he prepares for office and takes a gander at his and Sona’s picture. HE calls Sona once more, Sona s occupied with property merchant and separates call. Dev returns home around evening time and calls her and she rejects call once more.

In the morning, amid breakfast, Nikki remarks and Ishwari requests that her quiets down. GKB says let her talk, in any case their home has turned into a wrestling ground. Entryway chime rings. Dev enthusiastically take a gander at entryway. Kichu enters with basic supplies. Dev says she is not ravenous and leaves for office. Ishwari says he will be fine soon. GKB hollers by what means will Dev get well until bengalan returns, she has settled in her parent’s home and won’t return soon. Neha says without bhabhi, bhai won’t be fine. GKB proceeds with her show.

Mamaji returns home and inquires as to whether Sona and tyke are fine, where is she. GKB yells Sona burst such a large number of bombs. Mamaji requests that her quiets down, he is conversing with his sister. Sona achieves Dev’s home on her scootie.

Precap: Sona gives cash check to Ishwari. Dev sees 4.5 crores check, approaches Sona and yells she is offending maa. Sona says her baba was offended. He yells he is discussing his maa. Their contention proceeds.

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