Behad Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 67


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Ashwin takes Jahnvi to a scaffold and ties Jahnvi and himself. Jahnvi says on the off chance that they can’t live respectively, they can pass on together. Ashwin veils Jahnvi pushes her into water and himself falls on extension and giggles that Jahnvi is dead at this point. Maya comes to in her auto and is stunned to see Jahnvi hopping in. She hops into water. Ashwinn chuckles that he advised Maya to learn swimming, yet she didn’t and will suffocate now. Maya expels Jahnvi’s rope and liberates her, hits her go to stone in a procedure and falls oblivious. Arjun comes to in his jeep. Ashwin sees him coming and bounced into water. He pulls up Jahnvi and leaves Maya there itself. Arjjun helps him get Jahnvi to shore. Ashwin acts. Arjun asks where is Maya. Jahnvi awakens and Arjun asks where is Maya, she hopped behind her. Ashwin

gets into water and brings Maya out. They attempt to wake up Maya and Ashwin admonishes Jahnvi that as a result of her Maya hopped into water.

Arjun discovers blood from Maya’s head and surges him to doctor’s facility. Doc checks her and says Maa got serious head harm and he can’t state anything before surgery and takes Maya to operation theater. Nurture requests that Jahnvi sign assent shape. Jahnvi cries and Ashwin goes about as reassuring her. Arjun signs assent frame and demands doc to savie his life Maya. Jahnvi says Maya needs her and she won’t abandon her. Ahswin requests that her unwind. Jahnv proceeds with it is her mix-up. Arjun reassures her and says Maya needs her support. Ashwin says nothing will happen to Maya. Arjun inquires as to why did she go on extension. Ashwin says they needed to suicide and after Jahnvi hopped in, he was going to bounce when Maya hopped in first. Arjun watches Ashwin precisely and acknowledges something isn’t right. Vandana calls Arjun and Arjun advises her that Maya is in doctor’s facility. Vandana requests that him not stress, she is coming soon.

Saanjh plans snacks for Ayan and her family. Ayan requests that her bring pakoras soon. Saanjh brings pakoras and asks the amount he will eat. He says he prefers burping. Vandana enters and tells Ayan that Maya is in healing facility and they have to go. Saanjh tells she will go ahead her scootie behind them. Prem tells Saanjh she won’t go anyplace. Saanjh says Arjun needs her. Prem says Arjun did not call her and has numerous other individuals to reassure him. Saanjh says Arjun does not love him, but rather considers as closest companion and needs her. Suman requests that her go, her companion needs her.

Doc proceeds with Maya’s surgery. Arjun holds up outside sobbing. Saanjh spans and he embraces her firmly and says see what happened to Maya, in the event that he had come to on time, Maya would have been protected. Saanjh additionally embraces him candidly and says nothing will happen his Maya. Arjun says if something happens to Maya, he will bite the dust.

Precap: Ashwin goes into Maya’s room and tries to strangulate her with a pad. Arjun enters and Ashwin tosses cushion down.

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