Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 227


Watch Online Today Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 227 a popular eTV Show by Sony TV. Complete episode of Sony TV drama serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update full epi online.

Mamaji asks Ishwari where is Sona. Sona enters. GKB mentally programs Ishwari that her bahu is coming at this point. Sona apologizes Ishwari. Ishwari says she won’t excuse her so effectively as she cleared out home without advising her. GKB hollers how might she go behind her folks leaving he sasural. Sona gives Ishwari cash check and requests that acknowledge it, however 50 lakhs are shy of 5 crores. Ishwari says she came to give check then.

Asha asks god to help her girl as she has gone to return cash. Bejoy says Sona is doing well, however individuals may think of her as off-base. Entryway chime rings. Sourav opens entryway and sees Dev. Dev touches Asha’s feet and says he needs to address baba. Asha says not currently. Bejoy hears Dev’s voice and yells in the event that he came to check assuming yesterday’s

affront is insufficient.

Ishwari inquires as to whether she came to give 4.5 crores check. Sona says baba sent her. GKB shouts. Mamaji close her mouth. Ishwari says it is her affront that her bahu is returning cash. In the event that she has come here as bahu or her baba’s girl, it is an affront in the event that she has come as baba’s little girl. Sona says she knows the complexities of connections and simply needs to return cash as baba was called hoodlum and offended. Ishwari says contention occurred from both sides, yet she is agreeing with baba’s stance. Sona says baba was neer offended and his head was constantly high. GKB shouts she is talking as though jiji/ishwari is irrespectful. Mamaji cautions her to quiets down. GKB requests that he quiets down rather and proceeds. Ishwari says she never considered cash at all and did not expect this.

Bejoy keeps yelling at Dev. Dev says yesterday he didn’t slap him, it was an error. Bejoy tosses sweet boxes and pushes Dev out and yells they are not related now and he ought to get up. Asha requests that Dev go now and asks Bejoy what transpired, Dev is their damad. Bejoy yells on the off chance that she recollects that he is her significant other. Asha stands crying.

Ishwari says she can’t acknowledge this cash, it is an affront to her. Sona says she didn’t know in regards to this cash since a couple days back. Ishwari asks when did she come to think about it. She says when she cleared out home. Ishwari yells that implies she shrouded it even after that day, her bahu never regarded her. Dev returns home and asks Sona what is going on. GKB hollers Sona is offending jiji. Mamaji cautions her to quit tossing ghee in flame. Ishwari says when her child itself concealed things from her, what she can expect shape Sona. Dev takes cash check and asks Sona how could she get 4.5 crores and approaches her.

Dev advises Sona that he went to baba to apologize, however baba showed him out. Sona inquires as to why did he go when baba cautioned him. Dev inquires as to why did she acquire cash, she ought to return it at this moment. Sona says she won’t. Dev says she doesn’t know in regards to loaning cash on premium, she ought to return it immediately. Sona yells again she won’t. Elena with Vicky enters and asks when did Sona come and for what reason they are battling. Neha hollers at whatever point babhi is around bhai, bhai gets issues dependably. Elena says each couple battle, what is new in it. GKB remarks. Mamaji asks Neha that GKB is brainless, at any rate she ought to have sense. GKB noiselessly moves and mentally conditions Ishwari again that Sona is not a correct young lady for Dev, she cautioned her more than once, yet she didn’t hear her out. Ishwari gets woozy. Mamaji sees her and reprimands GKB that she more likely than not told something, he will go up against her later. He makes Ishwari sit on a couch and requests that Neha bring water.

Sona yells at Dev that she doesn’t comprehend, she came here to return cash, yet why is he ceasing her. Dev says she is offending maa by returning cash. Sona says baba showed her dignity, and so on. Dev says where is the subject of dignity, he as of now has such a large number of issues and can’t deal with this issue. She can’t return cash with this high premium. Sona says his self image is harmed that she returned cash. Dev says her sense of self is harmed rather that he offered cash to her sibling and needs to render retribution, she generally go to any degree to fulfill her personality. Sona yells she is constantly right. Dev says she and her family is constantly right, it is waste to converse with her. Sona says then he ought not talk.

Precap: Ishwari gets woozy and falls. Sona tries to hold her, however Dev cautions Sona not to touch maa and avoid maa. Sona says she will leave always and strolls. Mamaji requests that Ishwari stop her babu, else she will stay away for the indefinite future.

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