Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 112


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Neelima reprimands Saachi that she ought not have acted mischievously with Sarita, she is senior to her. Saachi says she did well. Neelima says she didn’t expect this from her, she is concerned outcome will be extremely grievous.

At Sethia bhavan, Sarita advises Diwakar that she addressed Nikita’s mummy and settled Aryan’s engagement, he can address Nikita’s uncle as she doesn’t have father. Aryan returns home. Sushanth gets Sonu to take him to life experience school. Sonu argues not to send him away and demands Aryan. Sushanth says he ought to regard Priyanka’s inclination as she is correct. Sonu runs and holds Priyanka’s hand and argues her to demand father not to send him away, he won’t call her choti maa. Sushanth drags Sonu. Priyanka stops Sushanth and tells

Sonu he ought not call her maa and will remain with maa and father. She tells Sarita and Diwakar that Sonu is the person who spared her from flame mishap and even blazed his hand. A few connections are more than blood relationship, now Sunu is her child and she will never release him anyplace. Sonu then embraces Diwakar. Entire reasonably cheers.

Aryan calls Saachi and educates her about Priyanka tolerating Sonu. Saachi says it is okay new. Entryway chime rings. She opens entryway and is stunned to see Prabhath with legal documents. He requests that her sign them and return by tomorrow. Saachi finds even Aryan’a engagement card and returns sobbing. Kusum says she was stressed in regards to this after Saachi got into mischief with Sarita. Saachi runs towards Sethia house to stop Aryan’s engagement.

Priyanka goes to Aryan’s room and requests that he prepare soon and descend. Aryan prepares and catches Neelima and is stunned to see Nikita and her family. Priyanka says it is a suprise for him, he is getting drawn in today. Diwakar inquires as to whether he has moved out of Saachi, he ought to get drew in to Nikita today. Neeti gets her beau’s call and tells Neelima that her transport is holding up and clears out.

Saachi achieves Sethia bhavan and sees Neeti get into a man’s auto and taking off. She sees numerous different young men in auto and thinks whether to stop Aryan’s engagement or spare Neeti. She contracts an auto and takes after auto. Auto gets into a building and Saachi tries to get in. Guardian stops her. She says she wanted a gathering. Guard says there is no gathering here and does not give her access.

Precap: Arjun extends his hand to dorn wedding band in Nikita’s fingers. Goons catch Saachi and torment her.

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