Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 754


Watch Online Today Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 754 a popular eTV Show by Zee TV. Complete episode of Zee TV drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Written Update full epi online.

The Episode begins with Purab hitting the dance floor with a young lady. Young lady says thanks to him for sparing her from alcoholic. Purab says it is alright and approaches her to help out for him. Young lady thinks on the off chance that he needs her. Purab says you are thinking incorrectly and asks her to simply call Police and let them know that he got into mischief with her. Young lady inquires as to why? Purab advises her that he needs the triumphant Jodi Abhi and Pragya to join together, however few individuals needs to separate them. Young lady concurs. Pragya inquires as to whether he is not desirous to see Tanu hitting the dance floor with another person. Abhi says no. He says I can hit the dance floor with all of you night. Pragya says you don’t play out throughout the night for your fans additionally and asks who am I to you… murmur aapke hai koun… .Abhi takes a gander at her and have an eye bolt. Allah Wariyan plays… Girl pushes Purab and slaps him as arranged. Purab acts to be inebriated and

inquires as to why you slapped me. Young lady says this man got out of hand with me, and says that she consented to hit the dance floor with him, yet he was touching her. Abhi says he is my companion and he can’t do this. Young lady says you are supporting him as you are his companion. Young lady inquires as to whether I am lying and that sort young lady.

Abhi requests that Purab say that he didn’t do anything. Purab says I haven’t done anything. Young lady undermines to call Police. She calls Police and requests that they come to Pub. Abhi asks her for what valid reason she is making issue? Young lady gets furious and says I can’t endure when an alcoholic man touches me, I will get him rebuffed else my name is not Tina. Abhi says why he will got out of hand with you, when he has a young lady companion. Young lady inquires as to why his better half was hitting the dance floor with you then. Abhi is puzzled. Young lady says Purab have no enthusiasm for his young lady companion. Abhi requests that Purab say something. Purab says he touched her as she is excellent, similar to they touch tajmahal to check.

Police comes there. Pragya says he can’t get into mischief with anybody. Purab says I got out of hand with her, however I was tanked. Overseer requests that Girl not stress and says they will beat him. Abhi tells Inspector that his companion Purab is exceptionally decent man. Assessor says he concurred. Abhi requests that Tina rebuff him, yet not to send him to imprison else his notoriety will be destroyed. Young lady approaches Purab what he feels for her. Purab says you are pataka and maal. Young lady says you are requesting that I pardon him and he is peering toward me gravely. Assessor takes Purab. Purab says thanks to Tina. Tanu supposes she might educate Aaliya.

Dasi goes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya says in the event that she included something in drain. Dasi says no and goes. Aaliya gets Tanu’s call and she illuminates her that Purab is captured by Police. Aaliya inquires as to whether she is tanked and says Purab can’t got rowdy or touched any young lady. Tanu says Purab admitted to have touched her. Aaliya asks what Abhi and Pragya doing? Tanu says they are attempting to free Purab. Aaliya says what is happening in his psyche, and thinks why he is doing this which he never done.

Pragya says we should go to Police station and free him out. Abhi says I can hardly imagine how he can do a wonder such as this and he even whispered something in Tina’s ears while taken away by Police. He comes to Tanu and requests that her run with driver. He says he is running with Pragya to Police. Abhi says I can’t send her alone to Police station. Tanu says you are not worried in regards to me, but rather her. Abhi says you are a cutting edge young lady and can go alone. Tanu says in the event that you run with her then I will make sure that you have affections for her. Abhi requests that her think what she needs and goes. Tanu is angered.

Abhi and Pragya come to Police station. Abhi advises Inspector that he came to safeguard Purab. Examiner says case is not kidding as it is attack case, and in the event that I free him then young lady can achieve ladies association. He says they need to keep Purab in prison today and safeguard him out in the morning. Pragya demands to meet him. Examiner asks who is she? Abhi says Purab’s sweetheart. Assessor lets Pragya meets Purab on account of Abhi and approaches Constable to bring a few snacks for him.

Pragya asks Purab what he is avoiding him and gets worried for him. Purab says he will be safeguard in the morning. Pragya inquires as to whether he is escaping her. Purab acknowledges that it was his arrangement to join them.


Purab advises Pragya that he would anything be able to join her with Abhi.

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