Kasam Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 223


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Rano slaps Malaika thrice. Malaika tries to hold the turn consequently, yet Ahana jerks her hand away cautioning to break her mouth truly. She has dependably been quiet a result of Rano, however now she ought to mind she and her adoration are creatures. She drags Malaika out of the house, Manpreet holds Shekhar by neckline. Rishi comes to caution Shekhar to not abandon him worth anything on the off chance that he again put an eye over his family. Manpreet and Ahana take them away. Rishi comes to embrace Raaj and express gratitude toward him for being there. Rano inquires as to whether he thought about it. Raaj says Rishi came to him, he was certain Tanuja is correct this time. Raaj as of now had faith in Tanuja, and tells Rishi he had as of now observed Malaika with the person when he took them all to inn. Rishi imparted his thought to him. Raaj demands Malaika was never a decent decision for Rishi. Rano apologizes.

Rishi qualifies that Malaika utilized her. Raaj denies her utilization her brain. She ought to just love Bedi family, and not everybody. Rishi recollect Tanuja wasn’t there, and goes to make her up. Rano holds her ears to everybody. Raaj excuses, and everybody was glad.

Rishi comes to Tanuja in the room, and inquires as to whether she is crying. She wipes her tears without a moment’s delay, asking why she would cry. She is just going out, he ought to just go to the one he wedded and praises him. Rishi holds her hand to stop her. Tanuja requests that what’s left stay now. He holds her hand. Tanuja says on the off chance that he stops her for a minute here, then… . She says they have no directly over each other any longer. He grabbed every one of her rights, he ought to run and clasp hands with the one he has hitched. Rishi again stops her direction. Tanuja says she wasn’t let to be near him, he never gave her directly over him; it’s his mother who is mindful. Rishi tries to clarify. Tanuja says everything has finished, he at last did what his mom asked him to. He just comprehended his mother. She was never prepared to pardon Rano and Rishi. She adored Rishi profoundly, yet this is inane; now she ought to take off. Rishi asks where he ought to go. Tanuja says he ought to go to the one he wedded. Rishi answers he went to her, whom he wedded. He has each directly over Tanuja, and just Tanuja has each directly over him. Tanuja inquires as to whether he wedded Malaika. Rishi says he didn’t wed Malaika. Tanuja was left stunned. Rishi holds her by shoulders saying he didn’t wed. She requests a clarification. Rishi says Malaika wished to show her out of the house, and he wished to do some dramatization to show Malaika out. Malaika had likewise taken Rano into certainty, so he made a minor dramatization to spare their marriage. Tanuja approaches on the off chance that he can do anything for his mother, even fake marriage. In the event that his mom brings another person tomorrow, and he would abandon her. Rishi denies. Tanuja demands had he wedded Malaika today, he more likely than not been Malaika’s better half today. Rishi clarifies he know his mother well, it was truly imperative to reveal Malaika’s truth to her. Presently, there won’t be anybody between them. Tanuja says there would be somebody generally, they won’t have the capacity to stroll with each other in light of the fact that he doesn’t love her. He adores without a doubt, however just the one… . Rishi stuffs her mouth with his hand, then wipes her tears and kiss her brow. Tears move over his own face. All of a sudden the lights go off. Rishi says he never forgot Tannu and abhorred her, simply because she was making him overlook Tannu. She was removing him from his Tannu. He even overlooked why he was battling with her, now he just imagine her in the recollections of Tannu. Presently, just she is Tannu, and she is Tanuja; it resembles souls have joined into a solitary face. He grins they even make comparable tea, they chuckle and cry alike; even she converses with the moon in comparative route as of Tannu. It appears as though his Tannu has returned, she made that Tannu alive. She breathed life into him back, he ponders when he go gaga for her. Tanuja cries, as she hear Rishi pondering what he ought to name this connection. They embrace each other.

PRECAP: Bedi was sent to bolt up. Rano was resolved to destroy Tanuja’s life. Tanuja needed to confront the declaration to dispose of the arranging against her.

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