Shani Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 48


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Indra Dev discloses the arrangement to Vykatagandh.

Chhaya is gathering Bel-patra for puja. She is shocked to see Shani. He says I know you appeal to Mahadev every day. I came just before your petitions. There is a reason. I ask for you to petition God for Surya Dev’s triumph in your supplication today. you petition God for me yet somebody needs to appeal to God for Surya Dev as well. I don’t need anybody to raise a finger on Shani’s mom in future that you dint take after your dharma as a spouse while doing your protective obligation. She supposes to leave as Devi Sanghya may come at whatever time now. Shani starts to stroll with her. I additionally need to petition God for Surya Dev with you. I will supplicate that his karma is on a par with him. Chhaya concurs and brings him with her.

Devi Sanghya is searching for Chhaya. Where did she go? Why dint Indra Dev reach yet?


Dev and Shukracharya achieve Surya Loka with their partners. There is a grin on Indra Dev’s afce. I invite you Shukracharya. I am reporting the outcome now itself – you will lose! Shukracharya yells Indra furiously. Narad Muni ventures in the middle of as a result of which everybody makes a beeline for their unique spots. Indra Dev welcomes Narad Muni. Narad Muni says how the Sabha will achieve its end when there is so much wreckage as of now. Where did you send me Narayan? He gets some information about Vykatagandh. Where is he today? Shukracharya says I am similarly astonished. He ought to have been here at this point.

Devi Sanghya finds that possibly Indra Dev did his work as of now. Chhaya is no place to be seen. Astounding, Indra Dev! Your speed is as quick as your idea. She grins and gets a Bel-patra. Vykatagandh is standing directly behind her now. She too faculties somebody’s nearness behind her and turns. Vykatagandh captures Devi Sanghya.

Shani and Chhaya are supplicating. Shani grins at his mom befuddling her. What are you taking a gander at? He shares that it is the ideal opportunity for him to go in Sabha. She is going to favor him yet he holds her hand. I wont take your approval today as I don’t need your desires to be separated amongst me and Surya Dev. Petition God for his triumph today. She is touched by his words. He pardons himself. Chhaya too thinks to stow away in the room so her promise stays in place.

Indra Dev can’t quit grinning. We are all here however where are our particular agents. Surya Dev says Surya dependably goes ahead time. Surya Dev welcomes Narad Muni. Narad Muni says I need to begin the Sabha according to Mahadev’s request. I need to choose whose rationale is correct. Both the agents need to take a promise on Mahadev’s name before beginning the Sabha. A sort of havan kund shows up. Narad Muni adds that they should keep water in their grasp and need to take promise to be unprejudiced while settling on any choices. Their situation is practically hopeless to the yantra here. No power can make you free from it. Victor’s hand will come our securely. Whoever loses will get lost into this for until the end of time. He will be expelled on earth for until the end of time! I ask for both agents to venture forward. He gets some information about Shani. Shukracharya answers that he should be en route. Hold up a little please. Indra Dev thinks Vykatagandh isn’t here which implies Shani wont come here by any means.

Shani is en route to the meeting room when Kakol shouts to him. Kakol educates Shani concerning a bizarre Asura stealing mother.

Shani rationally apologizes to Shukracharya. Nobody is more essential to me than my mom! No other dharma is greater than this for me.

Shukracharya thinks about whether it is in reality the arrangement of Devta’s. It can’t be! Karamfaldata Shani can’t do this.

Shani flies to Surya Loka’s wilderness zone with Kakol’s offer assistance.

Devi Sanghya tells Vykatagandh he is committing a major error. Have a go at opening this bond a bit. I will then demonstrate to you my forces. Vykatagandh answers that he is significantly more careful. Indra tricked me that you will bolster me in this abducting. It dint happen however. He pulls her in light of which she falls. He says whatever happened is correct. Each God merits this She again says he is committing a major error. Bear in mind that I am the spouse of Surya Dev. He wont save you. Vykatagandh giggles at her. nobody will come to spare you. Shani says this is the place you fall flat!

Indra Dev makes object of the way that a child is making them all hold up. According to rules, if Shani wont come then Surya Dev will be permitted to present his perspective. His choice will be last. The person who can’t come at time doesn’t should either take a choice or give equity. Asuras restrict it. Shukracharya asks for Surya Dev to sit tight somewhat more for such a major thought process. You convey light on the planet similarly. Wont you give us an equivalent possibility? Surya Dev acknowledges his demand. Surya Dev guarantees Narad Muni that he will bring Shani. He should come. I will bring him. Indra Dev inspires bombshell to see him leave from that point.

Shani says a child is constantly prepared to secure his mom. Devi Sanghya takes a gander at him. Vykatagandh says even I am prepared. Shani wont have the capacity to free you today Devi Sanghya. He transforms into his butterfly symbol. You wont have the capacity to spare yourelf today. You should pay for my broken wing with your life! He assaults Shani.

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