Shakti Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 167


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The Episode begins with Soumya getting tragic seeing Harman and Surbhi having haldi service. Preeto inquires as to whether she is envious and needs Harman to realize that she is despondent with his marriage, and needs him to break the marriage. Soumya says no, and says even I need his satisfaction. Preeto requests that her grin and debilitates her. Later she requests that Soumya apply haldi to Harman, the prepare. Soumya is passionate and reviews all the great minutes between them. She applies haldi all over and hands. Harman is annoyed with her and doesn’t see her. Soumya gets sorrowful eyes as she applies haldi on his feet, yet she fakes bless her face. She then goes to Surbhi and applies haldi all over. Surbhi takes a gander at her. Harman asks Preeto, would I be able to go now? Preeto requests that he go and have a shower.

Nani approaches Surbhi to go for shower.

Surbhi checks Harman’s message, he requests that her meet him in his room now itself and gives Soumya’s guarantee. Surbhi goes to Harman and requests that he say, calls him jiju and after that acknowledges and says Harman ji. Harman says what I approached you to deny for marriage and you got haldi connected. She says even you got haldi connected. He says I can’t give you adore and can love never you. Indeed, even you have an existence. I can’t deny as I can’t break the guarantee made to Soumya. Surbhi says even I am limited by the guarantee which I can’t break.

Soumya comes to Preeto and asks did you call me. Preeto inquires as to whether she recollects this sherwani. Soumya takes a gander at sherwani and thinks back her marriage with Harman. Preeto says my child brought a kinnar by wearing this, yet today he will wear other sherwani and will wed a lady now, then just my home will be filled by children’s sound. She requests that her offer sherwani to Harman and requests that he prepare. She tells that she will toss old sherwani. Soumya is harmed and tragic. Harman asks what is that guarantee. Surbhi says I a little while ago that everybody’s lives will be great with this marriage and won’t destroyed. Harman says everything is thinking in regards to themselves, and no one considers me. He breaks the things irately.

Soumya thumps the entryway and calls Harman ji. Surbhi opens the entryway and says it is great that you came and says Harman needs to converse with you. Soumya comes inside and requests that he say. Harman looks furiously. Surbhi says I know you can’t tell and says I will state. She says that Harman needs her to wear pink dress as you are his Gulabo. Harman holds her hand and inquires as to why do you abandon me generally. Soumya requests that he abandon her hand and says I won’t go once this marriage happens. Harman asks how you will adapt up to your feelings. Soumya requests that he prepare quick. Harman says why not comprehend that I would prefer not to do this marriage. Soumya says this marriage is essential and requests that he wed. She turns, noiselessly cries and goes. Tu Hi Mera khuda music plays… …

Soumya helps Surbhi prepared for marriage and gets enthusiastic. She says it was my desire to make you wear wedding dress… .my choti is looking as world’s lovely lady of the hour. She says God spares you from every single stink eye. She reviews Nimmi giving her bangles on her marriage. She expels from her hand and tells Surbhi that Maa gave me this bangles, however it is your sheltered keeping. Surbhi says no… di. I haven’t come here to take your share, however to be a piece of your life. She says I won’t take your bangles. Soumya requests that her take it. Surbhi wears just a single bangle and makes Soumya wear other bangle. She says now it is fine. Soumya says you have done a major support on me by consenting to this marriage, after maa went, just you have appropriate on my life… cries. Surbhi requests that her not cry and embraces her. Nani seeks that their affection might stay after until the end of time. Bebe says their affection will end today evening time as they will get to be sautan. Nani requests that her discussion great. Bebe requests that Surbhi come. Sindhu tells Soumya that she is exceptionally glad, not with the marriage but rather on the grounds that she won’t leave from here. Soumya says even I like you and embraces her.

Harman approaches Surbhi to decline for marriage and says he will handle the circumstance. Pandit ji recounts the mantras as they are situated for their marriage. Surbhi takes a gander at Soumya. Soumya thinks my choti gave ahuti/give up of her joy in this havan kund. Preeto and Harak Singh is cheerful. Surbhi and Harman get up for festoon rasam. Surbhi puts festoon on Harman’s neck. Harman puts neck on Surbhi’s neck. Soumya is dismal and mournful eyes. Pandit ji requests that they sit. Raavi does their ghat bandhan. Pandit ji requests that Harman fill sindoor in Surbhi’s maang. Harman takes a gander at Soumya, takes a squeeze of sindoor and fills Surbhi’s maang. He reviews his marriage with Soumya. Pandit ji requests that he make Surbhi wear mangalsutra. Harman takes the mangalsutra in his grasp, takes a gander at Soumya and makes Surbhi wear mangalsultra.

Pandit ji approaches them to go to bat for pheras/rounds. Surbhi stands up and says these rounds won’t occur. Everybody is stunned. Surbhi goes to Soumya and the ghat bandhan opens up. Soumya requests that Surbhi backtrack to mandap. Surbhi holds her hand and takes her to mandap. She requests that Pandit ji begin recounting mantras and says we three, will take pheras by and large. Maninder asks what is this new show. Preeto and Harak Singh are stunned. Soumya asks what you are stating? Pandit ji says you are offending the customs. Surbhi says in the event that we don’t give Soumya a chance to take pheras then she will be inadequate. Maninder solicits Surbhi not to make fun from marriage. Surbhi says Harman and my connection will turn into a joke in the event that I assume Soumya’s full position and that is on the grounds that she is inadequate. She says I am venturing in Harman’s life, however my di’s place will be same in his life. She says these seven pledges we will take together.

Soumya requests that Surbhi not do this. Preeto requests that Maninder let Surbhi do this, and says Soumya have constantly brought rounds with Harman and they are not separated. Soumya cannot. Surbhi says when God haven’t thought while making Soumya deficient, he won’t feel terrible even at this point. Pandit ji recounts the mantras as Harman, Soumya and Surbhi are taking pheras. Preeto says when I have bear so much show, then one more is alright. She decides to make Soumya and Surbhi move on her tune. Pandit ji pronounces rounds are finished. They hear somebody thumping on the entryway.

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