Udaan Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 699


Watch Online Today Udaan Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 699 a popular eTV Show by Colors TV. Complete episode of Colors TV drama serial Udaan Written Update full epi online.

The Episode begins with Bhaiya ji saying I have won even after annihilation, and you have lost even after your win. He requests that Chakor say who has won? Chakor asks Suraj, how did this happen? Bhaiya ji says I am particularly upbeat today as my little girl gave me a valuable blessing and got by got away child. He says I will rebuff him tomorrow and requests that his goons embellish basti as a lady of the hour, and welcomes everybody. Chakor cries taking a gander at Suraj. Bhaiya ji requests that Chakor see her parrot and says today is his last night. Ragini requests that goons bring him to haveli. Chakor requests that Suraj tell what was the deal? Suraj apologizes to her. Chakor questions God about the blessing which he gace her today. Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that his life’s last section will be composed tomorrow. Suraj is seen fixing up to the long wood. Chakor comes and inquires

them to leave Suraj. Ragini requests that goons not give Chakor a chance to meet him.

Bhaiya ji requests that goons let love winged animals meet for one final time. He says let her shed a few tears now, and after that she needs to cry all life. Chakor goes to Suraj and cries taking a gander at him. Bhaiya ji says what a sentiment, they are gazing each other impractically. Vivaan and Emily come there. Vivaan asks what you will do with Suraj. Bhaiya ji says chuchundar have come. Vivaan snatches his neckline and says you can’t hurt Suraj. Bhaiya’s goons hold Vivaan. Bhaiya ji slaps him and says I am bearing you as you are Ranjana’s child else would have executed you. You are nothing without my surname Rajvanshi name. He requests that he take a gander at Suraj and Chakor, and says you are alive today as a result of me. He says I would have tossed you and your better half from here, and made you remain in basti. He requests that him not help his adversaries, and requests that goons keep Vivaan hostage. Emily yells. Bhaiya ji says I will murder both in the event that you do anything.

Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that she called extraordinary monitors uniquely for Suraj so that Chakor can’t help him escape. Bhaiya ji says you did great, and cautions Chakor not to make Suraj escape once more, and says he offered request to his man to shoot on Suraj’s brow. Chakor asks Suraj for what valid reason did you come here? I let you know that Maayi is fine. Suraj says I was following conversing with you, however Chiku had different arrangements. A fb is appeared, Chiku offers his dependability to Ragini. Chakor says Chiku… I thought he is faithful to you and apologizes to you. Suraj says why you are apologizing, you considered my advancement, might be my end is in Kamal narayan’s hands. Chakor inquires as to why he is stating this.

Suraj says I never minded in regards to Chiku and that he didn’t do any slip-up. Chakor says what you are stating? Suraj says now I am changed, on the off chance that I was old Suraj then I would have murder Chiku and Kamal Narayan. He says a young lady make him comprehended that murdering is not the choice. Chakor asks when did you understand this. Suraj says when she began giving penances for me and I can confide in her more than myself. He expresses gratitude toward her for supporting a goon for until the end of time. Chakor keeps finger on his mouth and says you are not a goon. She embraces him. Sweet music plays… … ..Suraj reviews sentimental minutes with her. He supposes I wish this minute could never end and thinks in the event that he is frightened of death. He says on the off chance that I adore Chakor? Chakor says I will come and won’t give you a chance to kick the bucket.

Chakor expresses gratitude toward Suraj for giving such a variety of endowments to her. Suraj asks did you like the endowments. Chakor says best blessing was the fantasy of liberating Azaad gunj. Chakor says he can’t slaughter you, and says with which weapon he needs to execute you. Suraj looks on.

Chakor says what he will do tomorrow. I will shroud all weapons in this haveli. Suraj inquires as to why she is talking like a tyke. He says if this is the previous evening for me, then let me experience this night as a tiger. I require a quality and trust, and without you, I have no trust or quality today. Chakor says power is off. Chakor asks what happened to lights. Suraj says my adversary father must have get it shut. He requests that her give him some water. Chakor says alright and makes him drink water. She says sorry and says my hand was shaking. She cries and says nothing can transpire. Suraj says even I would prefer not to bite the dust. Chakor inquires as to why did you return, and inquires as to why you haven’t kill Chiku that time. You haven’t pondered me. What I would manage without you. Suraj apologizes to her for coming up short her trust, and reprimands himself. He says even passing is distinctive, it didn’t come when I needed to bite the dust and it is coming when I need to live with somebody. Chakor embraces him crying. Music plays once more.

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