Sasural Simar Ka Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 1724


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Anjali sees Saroj drinking from an indistinguishable jug from Roshni. Anjali comes to saroj and says I drank from it. Try not to drink I have a hypersensitivity. you drink from this other container. Mataji says Piyush will win in light of the fact that Vadahi is with him. Roshni tries to cut Vadahi’s kite. The kite tumbles down, its Roshni’s. Piyush takes a gander at Vadhai and grin. Everybody salutes them. Roshni gets frantic. Piyush says first time you played and vanquished everybody. Vadahi says you showed me. Mataji says Piyush and Vadahi are the champs.

Amar calls Piyush. Prem says what are you thinkging?

Vadhai says Roshni you played extremely well. Roshni says you played the genuine amusement. You cut my kite from Piyush’s heart. Vadahi is disoriented. Roshni says I think you know how to play and gets rich folks.

Vadhai says what waste is this. Roshni says what you have been doing is refuse. says would you say you are smashed? Roshni says yes I am so what? She pushes Vadahi. Everybody is entranced. roshni says I drank as a result of you. Vadahi says you are not in your faculties. Roshni says where are you going? Mataji requests that every one of the visitors go ground floor. Roshni says you are a liar. Roshni slaos and pushes Vadahi. Roshni says I have never observed somebody more improper than you. You grabbed Piyush from me. He is my youth cherish. Mataji says would you say you are in your faculties? Roshni says this is my matter with this young lady. Mataji says we won’t endure this with Vadhai. Roshni says this is the way you act with young ladies like these. Piyush slaps Vadhai. Piyush says I won’t endure a word against her now. Simar says what is this Piyush you slapped a young lady. Mataji says apologize Vadahi at this moment. Roshni says there is no point of statement of regret. You have changed Piyush. on account of her this you slapped me why? Piyush says in light of the fact that she is my life. I cherish her. I don’t lovee you. Did you hear that? I didn’t need you to know thusly however this is correct Vadahi. I adore you. When you leave from me my like is fragmented and when you are close I need time to stay composed. When you grin my heart needs to move. You make me understand you are made for me and I am made for you. When I see you with my folks I have a feeling that its my entire family. You are my motivation to live and I truly adore you. i cherish you. I now know you are the young lady I need to go through my entire existence with. I can do anything for you. Vadahi takes a gander at everybody and after that at Roshni. She keeps running from that point. Piyush pursues her.

Roshni is going to fall. Simar holds her. Roshni pushes her and says abandon me. She goes from that point.

Scene 2

Piyush comes to Vadahi I am sad I didn’t need it to happen along these lines. I arranged to such an extent. I needed to converse with you in person so you have no weight. Accompanied me? She says where? Piyush says do you put stock in me? She holds his hand.

Roshni goes to her room crying. She reviews her minutes with Piyush. She reviews Piyush slapping her and saying I don’t love you. Roshni says you slapped me as a result of her? SHe slaps herself. Simar comes in and embraces her. Roshni says I got out of hand with you. be that as it may, did you see what piyush did with me. What was my mix-up? I truly cherished him. Simar says please quiet down. I can comprehend your feelings and I can’t answer your feelings yet love isn’t in anybody’s capacity. Roshni says why is this happenin

g with me? Simar says when you adore somebody you don’t love with condition to be with you. You set him free. In the event that its in your destiny you get the opportunity to be with them else you don’t. I know its extremely troublesome for you at this moment however believe me I am here for you. I will remain with you like some time recently. Piyush has discovered love of his life yet that doesn’t mean your esteem as a companion in his life has finished? You are his closest companion today too. he will dependably remain by with you. I will make you milkshake. You change, when I return I don’t need these tears.

Roshni is softening stuff up her room. Anjali comes and says stop Roshni. What’s going on with you? Roshni is crying. Roshni says nobody comprehends my emotions. Anjali says I can. My own mother can’t like my sentiments why might she nurture yours? Presently you understand how right I was. Simar didn’t stop piyush while slapping you. Try not to let that Vadadhi take Piyush. I can perceive how these child and mother overlooked your family’s favors. You guardians were there when nobody was. Presently they needn’t bother with you so they showed you out. Her ringer rings. ANjali says I will go and you fare thee well. try not to cry and don’t surrender.

Roshni says I won’t let that Vadhai have you Piyush.

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