Nagarjun Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 163


Watch Online Today Nagarjun Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 163 a popular eTV Show by Life OK. Complete episode of Life OK drama serial Nagarjun Ek Yoddha Written Update full epi online.

Yashoda welcomes Amroli women for Noorie’s prod bharai service and gives them welcome card. When she leaves, women talk about if Noorie’s infant will be human or snake, what Noorie must feel now, she appears to be exceptionally powerless. Arjun hears their discussion. Back home Yashoda, with Tina checks portable PCs to choose sari for Noorie. She requests that Maheshwaar get some sun blossoms with different foodstuffs. Arjun enters and inquires as to whether he is going out. Noorie intuitively makes a sari noose and tries to hang herself, however falls oblivious. Family hears sound and hurries to her safeguard. Arjun makes her think about overnight boardinghouse her stresses after sadhus revile.

Shankchurn comes to wilderness and calls Arjun by means of clairvoyance. Arjun comes. Shankchurn says he couldn’t bring nagmaya here

as naglok’s circumstance has not balanced out yet. Arjun says yes after Asthika’s demise, naglok’s duty is on them. Shankchurn says Noorie’s condition might be because of trancelike influence and somebody is attempting to control her. Arjun says that implies somebody is helping Maskini. Shankchurn requests that not stress, he will discover it’s identity.

Arjun returns home and sees Tina droning mantras on dozing Noorie. He asks what is she doing here. She doesn’t state anything and vanishes. Arjun goes and sits beside Noorie. He then observes Tina originating from opposite side. He inquires as to whether she was here. Tina says she is originating from lab. H says how might it be. Guardians come and ask whaat happen. Arjun says another person is coming here as Tina. Tina says yes, even she feels something incorrectly will happen. She asks Arjun what’s happening with the woman. He says she was droning a few mantras. Tina says she it is vashikaran mantra and she read in book that somebody can utilize Arjun’s child to remember Maskini. Arjun says he knew something isn’t right.

Arjun calls Shankchurn again and illuminates him all the episode and says Maskini’s aggregate power is not yet gone and her manikins can remember her. Shankchurn says Nagmaya can help them. Sadhu and fake Tina stroll into wilderness and transform into Maskini’s manikins Maya and Loka and they talk about they need to seize Noorie to remember Maskini today evening time by means of her unborn child.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Tina that snakes are meandering in Amroli. He sees sadhus strolling. Arjun comes and Shankchurn asks where was he. Arjun says shutting Maskini lok entryways. Maya and Loka hijack Noorie and take her to shiv sanctuary to remember Maskini with Noorie’s unborn child. Arjun spans and Noorie argues to spare her.

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