Chandra Nandni Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 69


Watch Online Today Chandra Nandni Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 69 a popular eTV Show by Star Plus. Complete episode of Star Plus drama serial Chandra Nandni Written Update full epi online.

Nandini slaps helina,and strolls away,durdhara sees this and says wow this is so great, helina sees durdhara, durdhara says yes mama coming and runs away,helina smashs the entire room and says how could she slap a decision ruler and says control helina at this moment Chandra is your point only a night and entire magad and Chandra will be in my feet and Nandini will be no place. Durdhara eating tamarind,Chandra strolls in and says what are you hiding,durdhara says nothing,Chandra says indicate me,durdhara says I needed to consume please,Chandra tosses it and says I let you know no methods no,dasi gets food,durdhara say is won’t have anything take it away,Chandra says quit carrying on like a kid,durdhara says I need tamarind,Chandra says affirm have nourishment then I will give you tamarind.

Durdhara offers the news about Nandini

slapping helina and says I felt so good,Chandra thinks this is irregular and says Nandini will never act this way,durdhara says that helina more likely than not requested her heart so she more likely than not slapped now sustenance is done give me my tamarind,Chandra says yes I will give you however later,durdhara says on the off chance that you don’t give me immediately I will request that helina eat your heart,Chandra says smart thought at any rate she is coming to see you,durdhara say gee golly mama is calling me and clears out.

Mora says Chaya and durdhara both of you need to play out this Pooja for your children, Nandini gets Arti and Prashad,Nandini offers it to helina however she doesn’t remove it and says remain from me,helina says simply avoid me and don’t need this Arti,mora says helina this is impolite towards our way of life take the Arti, helina takes Prasad. Everybody leaves,Helina says Nandini quit acting I have seen your actual face last night,Nandini says the previous evening what did I do,helina says so you slapped me and overlooked it as well yet I won’t overlook it and even won’t let you,Nandini says what I didn’t see you after the celebration,helina says at any rate acknowledge what you did.

Chandra strolls in,helina embraces him and says you ought to have called me and this evening it would be a unique night for us,don’t overlook your guarantee ,Chandra says helina today we both will be as one quite recently be readied and Nandini you are extremely innovative so why not brighten a room and bed for me and helina and holds helinas hand,it’s going to be an exceptional night for us,helina thinks wow culminate Chandra,helina says right Chandra your decision is perfect,Chandra says Nandini don’t frustrate me.nandini is in tears.chandra takes off.

Nandini begins crying.

Chanakya and Chandra together,maliektu is acquired blindfolded,and on opening his eyes,he inquires as to why am I conveyed here,Chandra says in light of the fact that I need to know who assaulted me on my way once more from ashram,maliketu supposes I trust they didn’t perceive it’s me,Chandra says maliektu we are relatives now and I need impart to you the data about who assaulted me and it’s this man.

Maliektu say Shane him to me maharaj and I will discover who asked him as well and begins hitting him and takes him somewhat away and says proceed grab the sword and murder Chandra,while the man tries doing so,maliektu slaughters him fro, behind and says sorry maharaj I needed to do as such to spare him yet I will discover who the individual behind the assault is,Chanakya says approve maliektu it’s your duty now .

Nandini improves the informal lodging space for helinas and Chandras first night and thinks why am I feeling so terrible for Chandra who is pitahamaharajs enemy,Chandra and helina walk turn in hand,Chandra says look it’s so beautiful,helina says you are correct thank you Nandini,Chandra shuts the entryway on nandinis confront when she leaves,Nandini is in tears.

Nandini recalls the night she went through with Chandra in ashram and feels terrible. Helina gets some R&R for Chandra and both seat near each other, helina makes drinks for both,and says Chandra you will feel better with this,Chandra begins drinking,helina takes him to bed,drunk Chandra strolls with helina.he,Ina rests him in bed. Nandini contemplating the time she went through with Chandra when they were near each other in ashram. Helina and Chandra go near each other,chandra takes a gander at helina and envisions its Nandini and says Nandini,heline gets irate and pushes him away,and leaves.

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