Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 2292


Watch Online Today Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 2292 a popular eTV Show by Star Plus. Complete episode of Star Plus drama serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update full epi online.

The Episode begins with Rajshri saying thanks to Suwarna for dealing with the matter. Suwarna says its Kartik’s engagement as well. Varsha says you are too great, much appreciated. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Suwarna says they got enthusiastic. Dadi says the minutes are such, Suwarna inform them regarding the ring, I will simply come. Suwarna says Dadi got a stunning ring for Naira, as Naira is valuable to us. Rajshri says even Naitik said the same for Kartik when he purchased that precious stone for him. Akhilesh gestures of recognition Surekha’s sibling. Varsha requests that Surekha keep the ring. She keeps the ring and says Naitik got this uncommon blue precious stone for Naitik. Surekha and Akhilesh get stunned. Surekha says Maa ji requesting that we indicate ring after mahurat. Akhilesh says in what capacity can two jewels be same. Manish requests that Surekha give ring. She gets

strained. She offers box to Manish. Manish checks ring and gets stunned.

He says yet this is not that precious stone. Surekha says I would state… . Manish says I need to hear nothing, where is that jewel which I requested. He gets irate. Kartik and Naira see each other. Chukar gai… ..plays… … .. He signs her to talk. Naira says my hoop screw tumbled down once more. Gayu asks once more? Naira says it fell in Yash’s marriage as well. Kartik reviews that minute and says yes. He says Mishti my screw additionally fell under table, I will simply come. Mishti asks mind screw? He says yes. Mishti and Gayu conceal for them. Naira and Kartik get under the table. She applies dark speck to him and says I didn’t have any acquaintance with you can look so good looking. He grins and says I generally knew you are so delightful. He requests that her say something. She requests that what say, its so peculiar, we don’t have anything to talk. He says so what, we will talk as more interesting. They present themselves and talk.

She says its my second engagement today. He asks what, with whom. She demonstrates the ring he skilled her some time recently. He says I overlooked this. She giggles. She says this is going on, I m getting connected with to same man. She requests that he make her wear this ring in right hand. He says my name ring in both hands. She says I can likewise have rope in neck by your name. He grins and makes her wear the ring. He searches for the ring and says it tumbled down, check there. She asks which ring. He demonstrates a ring and makes her wear it. Clamor me jugnu … plays… … He kisses her hand. She grins. He says third ring, I will make you wear before everybody. Gayu requests that Lav and Kush play with Kuhu.

Kartik holds Naira. Gayu thumps on the table. Naira says I think we ought to go, I will go first. Naira leaves with Gayu. Dadi gets stunned and asks Surekha did your sibling send other precious stone, such a major swindle. Surekha says he didn’t cheat, he spared our family regard, I became acquainted with now and asked him. Dadi says we had trust from him. Surekha says another person gave more cash and got that uncommon precious stone. She supposes on the off chance that I tell Singhanias have this precious stone, she will get more furious. Manish tells Dadi that Suwarna would have not done any slip-up. Suwarna says its not Surekha’s mix-up. Surekha says none will know its not uncommon jewel. Dadi says Singhanias have precious stone business, they will know it effortlessly. She requests that Manish accomplish something. Manish requests that what do, I can’t get jewel now. Naira hears them and considers. Mishti requests that Naira come.

Kartik asks Priyanka for what valid reason is everybody disturbed. Priyanka says possibly any visitor said something. Dadi and Manish see media and stress. Priyanka asks when is Kirti coming. Kartik stops Naira and acquaints her with Priyanka. Priyanka embraces and compliments her. She expresses gratitude toward Naira for coming in Kartik’s life. Kartik says you be cool dependably, however you ate dependably mumma sorts. Priyanka says I m your Maasi, it implies like mumma. Naira sees the ring boxes.

Gayu says we became acquainted with ring service mahurat has some time, what to do till then, I have a thought. Naira calls somebody. Gayu, Mishti and Naksh move on Aai shagun ki gadiyaan… .. Everybody move along. Naira approaches Lav and Kush and give them a work. She requests that they get the rings to her, its a diversion, nobody ought to know this. Lav and Kush go and get the rings. Naira expresses gratitude toward them and takes the rings. Everybody sing Badhai ho badhai… .. also, move. Naira sees the diamond setter and goes to him. She gives him both the rings and requests that he make it quick.

Kartik sees Naira originating from outside. Naksh gets passionate and embraces Naira. Naira cries getting enthusiastic. Her family cries. Kartik embraces them. Kartik and Naira additionally sing. They all move. Pandit says shubh mahurat began, we can keep engagement custom at this point. Manish and Dadi see the crates. Naira thinks rings are not back till now. Kartik stops them and says this engagement can’t occur. Everybody get stunned. He says it can’t occur till Kirti comes. He apologizes to everybody and says I addressed Kirti, perhaps her flight postponed. Naksh says its alright, even I would have done this being in your place, engagement can’t start without your sister. Dadi says Kirti is coming without her significant other, we won’t have our regard now. Naira expresses gratitude toward Kartik for sparing and wishes her work to complete before Kirti comes.

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