Naamkaran Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 104


Watch Online Today Naamkaran Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 104 a popular eTV Show by Star Plus. Complete episode of Star Plus drama serial Naamkaran Written Update full epi online.

The Episode begins with Avni attempting to get mail. She calls the healing facility woman again and converses with her. The woman asks do you need any offer assistance.. Avni asks did you not mail Asha’s reports. The woman says I have sent it yesterday. Avni says I didn’t get it, would you be able to mail once more. The woman says yes however doctor’s facility server is not working, I can send by speed post. Avni says no, don’t send at home, its earnest. The woman requests that her come to healing center and get printouts. Avni thinks how to go. The woman asks might I come there to give you reports. Avni says no, I will call later. She sees Neela coming and finishes call. Neela says no compelling reason to conceal telephone seeing me, I guarantee I won’t tell anybody.

Avni says everybody guarantee and after that break. Neela requests that her have sustenance, we can whine later. Avni approaches is this sustenance for

me, will you keep any condition for this. Neela says no, sustenance is for you, have it, don’t stress, everybody went out, none will inconvenience you. Avni asks would I be able to meet Aman once. Neela says I would have him on the off chance that he was at home, Dayaben took him. Avni eats sustenance. Neela cries and apologizes to her, as she is not ready to help her. Avni says you perhaps irritated, I let you know wrong things. Neela says no, I m not irritated, your outrage was correct, it was my misstep as well. I m sitting tight for that day when you excuse me and after that we will get to be companions once more.

Avni asks where did Dayaben take Aman. Neela says sanctuary, to choose his naamkarann date. Avni says yet Asha kept his name Aman. Neela says let Dayaben name him anything, we will call him Aman, have nourishment and after that rest in my room, everybody won’t precede evening, do you need to meet any companion or anybody, you can go in auto and return soon. Avni says I need to meet somebody.

Dayaben converses with pandit. He gives mahurats. Dayaben sees Diksha playing with cat and gets irritated. She apologizes to pandit and requests mahurat. He gives a date. She says I can hardly wait to know favorable letter set for grandchild. She asks Ketan, Hetal to leave with Riya.

Dayaben goes to Diksha and requests that her leave the little cat. Diksha says I need to take this home. Dayaben requests that her have her own particular infants. Diksha says each one of those five felines have gone. Dayaben says it implies you have… . Diksha says abandon it, see this new one. Dayaben sees nail blemishes on her hand. Dayaben requests that her drop the feline. She asks did you quit taking drugs. Diksha says I will do anything with my felines. Dayaben says I was completing your treatment by herbs, I think you require mental stuns.

Diksha says and you must be sent to imprison. Dayaben gets stunned. Diksha requests that her see her face, why is she stunned and strained, when frantic individuals need to get stuns then killer needs to go imprison. Dayaben gets unwell and asks are you frantic. Diksha says you will go imprison for Asha’s murder, and soon Avni will know this as well. Dayaben stresses.

Ali requests that Avni not stress, we will get reports. Woman tells Avni that records are missing, perhaps it ran with specialists document. Avni requests record shading. Woman says I will check sent sends, it will be spared there. Avni gets a mail and says I got the reports. Woman says mail has done yesterday and you got it today, peculiar. Avni checks the mail and peruses Asha kicked the bucket by mind harm. Ali says then its all unmistakable, you were speculation something isn’t right. Avni says I think there is something else.

Diksha says Avni got the reports by email, I came to on time and comprehended what Avni is doing, I erased unique mail and sent fake email in which it was composed Asha kicked the bucket by cerebrum damage, I erased your wrongdoing from doctor’s facility reinforcement server. Dayaben says yet Ketan did it. Diksha says no, I erased it, else police would have seen that recording, you generally say of your children, you never watched over me, today who spared you, your girl, no compelling reason to get terrified, I made everything fine, you can confide in me, your mystery will be with me, why did you not kick out Avni.

Avni and Ali surge in rush. Neela’s driver says I will make you achieve home soon. Avni says I will express profound gratitude to woman and come. Ali says there is no time. Avni says very well, I determination send her appreciation on the mail id by which she has send me reports. She gets disappointment see and says in what capacity can this happen, this email id does not exist, we got reports by this id. Ali says we have no time, we need to leave before Dayaben comes to. Avni says no, this is indication of issue, we need to check why this mail skiped. She keeps running inside the healing facility. She demonstrates the mail to the woman.

The woman says this is not our doctor’s facility mail id, we didn’t send reports by this id. Avni thinks in what capacity can this happen, would you be able to give me printouts of genuine reports now. Woman says beyond any doubt, I will get it. She gives the printouts. Avni checks and finds both reports diverse. She checks and tells Ali that genuine reports demonstrate Asha’s demise cause suffocation. She asks the woman which is correct report. Woman says I have given you genuine reports, in certainty the mail sent by fake id isn’t right, I need to educate seniors that somebody is utilizing healing center name for wrong utilize.

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