Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 48


Watch Online Today Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 11th January 2017 Episode 48 a popular eTV Show by Star Plus. Complete episode of Star Plus drama serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update full epi online.

The Episode begins with Naina saying you demonstrated me wrong again today. Veer says you are correct Naina, that person is a major failure, so you are disappointed about Raghav, I m beyond any doubt there is no closeness between both of you, when I consider my bed like a ruler, he evacuates my shoes, he is a hireling. Naina says Raghav is a decent man, he adores this family like distraught, he supposes this family is his, he is not terrible as you, take a gander at you, you couldn’t care less for Dadi, Raghav can give his life for Dadi, you have no qualities, Raghav lied for your and my marriage, yet he needed somebody’s great, such man is my better half.

Veer says indian ladies make spouse a Lord. She says I know Raghav is superior to you, you utilize Raghav for your work and trick him, truth is you are nothing without him. Veer says I dismisses you. Naina

slaps him. He gets irate. She says recollect this, on the off chance that I got an opportunity to pick amongst you and Raghav, Raghav would have won, next time when you discuss Raghav, recall that you are conversing with his significant other, and when you educate terrible concerning him, I will get hurt, I don’t know why. She clears out. Veer says you slapped me in light of that worker, I guarantee Raghav will slap you.

Raghav calls bank to know his record adjust. He says I have utilized investment funds to spare Asha’s home. He becomes more acquainted with he has only 1800 euros left. He supposes did I spare only this much cash in life, in what manner will I get cash for Rajeev’s safeguard, what should I offer, I have no property. He checks the patent. He says Balraj said right, this patent has no esteem, I made this and its pointless, I feel so remorseful, I wedded and got Naina here, I couldn’t do anything for her family. He supposes to mastermind cash, yet how.

He checks his pack and makes them paint. He clears out. Naina thinks Veer affronts Raghav before everybody, Raghav has ideal to know truth of Veer and Sanjana, yet in the event that he couldn’t deal with truth and quit conversing with me then… . at any rate we are getting isolated, who am I to him, connection is of heart, our connection is earning back the original investment on papers, and still, at the end of the day for humankind and kinship, I need to let him know truth. She hears Balraj, Sudha and Pam. Balraj says we as a whole did this arranging.

Sudha says I despise Naina, we encircled Rajeev and place him in prison, see she is carrying on like she is proprietor, all as a result of Dadi’s support. Pam says we are consenting to same thing, Naina came here and giving us address, Dadi is treating her like a ruler, I wish we could outline her as well. Balraj says we will think, let her sibling be in prison. Naina cries and says how are these individuals, they have placed Rajeev in prison, they are tricking Dadi by Sanjana’s fake pregnancy, Dadi adores them a ton, I need to come clean to Dadi.

Raghav goes to the shop and demonstrates the artistic creation. The man says its artistic creation of popular indian painter. Raghav says I knew him, my mum used to work at his home, I helped my mum in her work and he made our composition, he filled life in this, I feel like my mum is before me, its exceptionally uncommon to me. The man inquires as to why are you offering this. Raghav says its my mum’s last sign, I could never offer it, yet recollections are in heart, I m offering it for somebody’s great future, I need to spare another mum, how much will I get for this. The man says 11000 euros. Raghav says its much, offer it to me, much appreciated. He feels frustrated about Naina and thinks to do anything for her. He gets the money and sees the depiction for the last time. He takes off.

Dadi asks Veer what’s on his cheek, its swollen. Naina says it would seem that somebody slapped Veer. Veer says no, security puppies assaulted me. Dadi says how, they are steadfast. Veer insults Naina calling her a female puppy. Dadi requests that he get treatment connected. Veer says its fine. Dadi says you will get to be father, I m so upbeat. Veer says I have some work, I will see you. He gets furious seeing Naina and goes. Dadi says he is still similar to a child. Naina says I have to state something. Dadi requests that her sit. She hacks and requests solutions. Naina gets medications. She requests that Dadi take meds on time. Dadi says when you were not here, I didn’t will to live, I need you and Raghav to remain together, I need to see Veer’s youngster, I m quite recently living for my grandchild.

Sanjana thinks how to tell Dadi reality that her grandchild is not going to come, possibly I ought to get Rajeev liberated first. She requests that Dadi take solutions on time dependably and takes off. Sudha and Pam have a discussion about ceremonies. Dadi says I was deduction to change customs, we have new bahu Naina, we will make Naina do rasam. She requests that Naina do Sanjana’s rasam. Naina concurs. Sanjana and everybody scowl.

Dadi requests that Sudha help Naina. Naina makes Sanjana wear the chunri. Dadi requests that Naina give a few tips to Sanjana, say something in her ears. Naina gestures. Sanjana gets infuriated. Naina offers shagun to Sanjana. She requests that Sanjana regard seniors and never mislead them, generally think about this house as sanctuary, I won’t give you any old school tips, I would rather say, don’t leave your singularity ever. Dadi says this is called dynamic considering. Naina gradually tells Sanjana that you can’t do party for nine months, as you are acting to be pregnant. Sanjana gazes at her.

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